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100% of our ingredients are from a natural origin.

no animal testing
Animal Friendly

Fury, scaly or slimy—we never test on animals.

gentle touch
Gentle On Skin

You won’t find harsh ingredients in our soap.

no palm oil
Palm Oil Free

We believe olive oil is the only oil for our soap.

Certified Organic Olive Oil Soap

For more than 400-years Nablus Olive Oil Soap has been produced with a high level of quality and integrity. Over the years our soap has been refined, but fundamentally it has changed little. We take pride in providing a product that is from nature for nature.

Feel Good About What Goes On Your Skin

You can feel good about every ingredient in our products. Nablus Olive Oil Soap only uses natural and organic ingredients.

All our products are certified as Natural and Organic Cosmetics by Ecocert Greenlife—part of the same global organization associated with the USDA and FSC.

We adhere to these standards:

  • We use environmentally friendly production methods and processing processes
  • We responsibly use natural resources
  • We respect biodiversity in the sourcing of ingredients
  • Our products do not include any GMOs
  • Our packaging is recyclable
  • 95% minimum of the plants it contains are organic
  • 100% ingredients of natural origin
  • 80% total ingredients are from organic farming

Learn more about the Ecocert Standard >

Olive tree twig with leaves isolated on white background

Simple Ingredients.

We don’t include a lot of added ingredients to our soaps. You won’t find additives, stabilizers, waxes, detergents, or a kitchen sink. Our ingredients are simple, just what we need to make a good, high-quality organic olive oil soap that will keep your skin happy.

Virgin Olive Oil:

Our olive oil is sourced from the Mediterranean and is 100% organic. The virgin olive oil used in Nablus Soap is processed using no chemical treatments and is completely safe for the skin.


Clean water is an important ingredient in producing the ideal olive oil soap.

Sodium Hydroxide:

Also known as lye, sodium hydroxide is the vital ingredient in transforming olive oil into the Nablus soap we love.


Many soap makers, skip or substitute glycerin for cheap filler, or worse—but we believe that glycerin is one of the best and most natural skin protectants. Glycerin helps lock in moisture and keep your skin hydrated. 

Sodium Olivate:

This is a really fancy way of saying saponified olive oil, which is also a fancy way of succinctly summing up the whole process of combining olive oil with a reactant agent to get the oil to turn from oil to soap.  

Shop Nablus

With eight unique olive oil soaps to choose from it is difficult to pick just one. It’s a good thing you can pick more than one. What is your favorite?

  • nablus lemon soap

    Lemon Olive Oil Soap

  • nablus tea tree soap

    Tea Tree Olive Oil Soap

  • nablus pomegranate soap

    Pomegranate Olive Oil Soap

  • nablus original olive oil soap

    Original Olive Oil Soap

  • nablus goat's milk soap

    Goat’s Milk Soap

  • natural lavender olive oil soap

    Lavender Olive Oil Soap

  • nablus dead sea mud

    Dead Sea Mud Olive Oil Soap

  • nablus sage soap

    Sage Olive Oil Soap


Nablus Love


Smells Great

My wife Valeri and I have just started using your soap and we love the product – especially the pomegranate! I actually now am shaving with it and washing my long COVID hair with it. Smells great.

Tim, MI

Worth It

We are impressed with the longevity of Nablus and its lathering capabilities. Personally, I use it as a daily lathering base for my shaving and I use the Dead Sea bar in the shower. Finally, I had been experiencing eye irritations with the soap I had been using before Nablus. Those irritations have gone away and I am thankful.

Brian, MI

Excited to Try More

Nablus soap has been working great for keeping my youngest child’s eczema in check. I also love the Tea Tree soap! It keeps my skin really soft, plus I love how it smells. it’s refreshing, but not overpowering. I’m excited to try more of the other scents. Thanks Nablus. 🙂

Julie, MI

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